How to prepare for Quantitative Aptitude section

Published on Thursday, March 27, 2014
Quantitative aptitude section is one of the four sections of bank exams, SSC and others. Some candidates think that it is not possible to crack Quant section. But, I want to tell you that a perfect study plan and regularity can easily help you to score good in this section because in numerical ability questions level is moderate. Tough questions have never been asked earlier. So you just need to clear all the basics of quantitative aptitude section. Rest will depend on you time mangement.

Tricks to crack Quantitative aptitude section 

Attempt chapters of your interest

When you start attempting quantitative aptitude section. Always give preference to those questions first are of your interest. It will build up your motivation level.

Use shortcut tricks for some chapters

Never use lengthy calculations and try to use tricks as much as possible. As i have discussed tricks for some of topics like 

Do practice of important topics more

As we know there are some topics like Series completion (for all), Geometry (for SSC CGL) etc which are very important in paper point of view. For example, from Series completion, atleast 4-5 questions have always been asked in bank exams and others. So try to practice more and more to get good hold on this topic. 

For geometry section, triangles and their properties, circles etc are some important parts. Try to solve previous years questions.

Attempt Data Interpretation questions

No doubt data interpretation questions are little lengthy but if you can solve these questions quickly, then it can help you fetch very good marks in quantitative aptitude section. Data interpretation involves:
Mixed problems (Important)

Basic Understanding of some topics

There are some topics which needs very basic understanding. Once you understand these these topics, you can easily solve any types of questions related to these topics. For example:

Learn basic rules of quantitative aptitude

Cramming is not at all helpful for quant section. But there are some topics where you have to learn some rules to attempt questions. For example, in number system their divisibility rules from 2 to 19, which you have to learn to solve questions related to number system.

Apart from these, time management, maximum shortcuts you can learn, tricks to attempt questions quick are very helpful for cracking quantitative aptitude section.

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