Tips and strategy for Quantitative aptitude and Reasoning of SSC CGL Tier-I

Published on Wednesday, February 19, 2014
 As we all know, SSC CGL exam date is coming closer, everyone must be planning for upcoming exam. A perfect plan and management helps you to crack this exam. So, today, I'm sharing some tips to attempt SSC CGL with you all. Thoroughly read the following points and make a mind set accordingly.

Do not waste time on single question

Mostly, what we do is, if the question is related to our one of the favorite topics, we do not leave that question and try to solve the question whether it matches your range or not. The result is
wastage of your precious time. The time you take to solve that question is equal to time taken for atleast three other questions. See the difference. So, its better to leave those questions which are very time consuming. 

Be aware of difficulty level of questions

Generally, in SSC CGL or other bank exams, time is very less. You can't attempt all the questions. So, to score well, you just need to choose the questions whose difficulty level is moderate and whose answer is accurate. There is no need to attempt difficult questions.  

Go through the options

For some types of questions, you will come to know that solving through the options give you the frequent answer and saves your time. For example, in quadratic equations, number system, sequence and series, algebra etc, check whether options work or not. In almost all these topics, this trick works. Just check option one by one and start eliminating.

Attempt Data Interpretation Questions

In quantitative Aptitude section, atleast two sets of Data Interpretation has always been asked in almost every exam. In each set, there are 4-5 questions. Also, data interpretation questions has more accuracy than any other questions. So, if you attempt data interpretation part, you'll able to mark 10 questions directly. Make sure that you are attempting the data interpretation sets which helps you to attain good scores.

Time Management 

Out of all the sections, Quantitative Aptitude section is more time consuming. Therefore, devote 40-45 minutes to quantitative aptitude section. General intelligence and reasoning will take about 30-35 minutes. Also, the person with good mental ability, can easily mark its questions accurately, So, just because of accuracy level of the sections, try to attempt these sections first. Then, devote the rest of your time to other two sections. Rest depends on your favoritism. 

Final Revision and Study Plan

Never forget the final revision a weak before exam date. Revision is must to remind all the techniques and tricks you have learnt previously. Also, make a study plan for all the sections of exam.
Keep doing practice and visit the blog regularly for daily updates, notes etc.

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